After operating successfully for five years and helping many thousands of students, UniOptions is with us no more. The team that brought you UniOptions has decided that we can no longer continue to pour money and time into this project.

Before coming to this decision, we sought to work with the Federal Department of Education and Training in an effort to ensure that Australian students and families could continue to have access to a free and independent source of high quality information on accessing university. However, the Department has been unwilling to engage with us. This is disappointing because the high levels of demand that UniOptions has seen, along with the strong levels of community and school support over recent years clearly demonstrates that UniOptions has fulfilled a crucial need in the Australian community.

Thank you to all those who helped build and maintain UniOptions. Also, thank you to Herald Sun newspaper and the families and schools across Australia who helped spread the word about the free and independent UniOptions site and the information it contained.


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